Dog Walking and Cat Sitting on Sunday 1/3

Kai and Gracie - Kai was looking at me through the window as I walked up.  They were both ready to go outside this morning.  I took them outside twice, fed them all and tried to clean up the blue chair stuffing that was on the floor! Basil - Basil and I played a good bit today.  He liked chasing the green string.

Amy and Romeo - Amy was excited to see me this morning.  I asked her if she knew how cold it was outside but she didn't care :)  We went for a walk and then I fed them both breakfast.  I got a chance to rub on Romeo a little bit too (before he ate of course because once I put his food down, that's where he wanted to go!!)

Ruby - She had chewed on the bone that I left out last night but she still shredded the potty pad.  She'd eaten all of her dinner too.