Dog walking and cat sitting on Monday 1/4/10

Maggie - Maggie doesn't seem to mind the cold.  She was perfectly content to walk around and sniff.  She wanted to take off running a couple of times too! Brady & Ferguson - they don't mind the cold either.  They both peed and pooped and then they sat down and watched some guys unload a truck.  Brady of course barked at them!

Max - Max went outside and peed and sniffed a little bit.

Basil - Basil was sleeping on your bed.  I pet him and we played for awhile with the green string too.

Sassy & Trouble- Trouble came up to me right away but Sassy was a little more reserved.  By the time I left, they were both right by me.  They seem to be doing just fine and they're definitely keeping each other company.