Dog Walking and Cat Sitting on Wed 1/6/2010

All 5 kitties are enjoying their breakfast! Eenie, Maxine, Brutus, Amos and Maxine - I was greeted by all 5 cats when I came in and based upon this picture, I think they were ready for breakfast (it was about 8:25am when I got there.)  I'd not seen all 5 of them this close together before, last time Ennie and Amos were a little more shy.  Annabelle wanted to go outside but I didn't let her out.  It was 25 degrees.  Her cute little face was looking out the sliding glass door when I left.

Maggie - We had a nice leisurely walk this morning.  She did some sniffing and she peed 2x.

Brady & Fergie - They both peed and pooped today and then they sat down to watch the guys working on the house next door.  Brady didn't bark at them.... I was surprised.  It's a good thing they're so darn cute, otherwise their staring could be embarassing!!  :)

I had a hard time getting a picture of Trouble.  He didnt stay in one place long enough to get a decent picture!!

This is where Sassy typically is when I walk in the front door.

Sassy & Trouble - I think Trouble is going to be glued to you when you get home.  They both seem to be just fine (they are definitely using their box :) ) but I know they missed you!

Max - Max got up and down the stairs to go outside pretty easily today.  Usually he kind of stops and looks at them... today he went right down.

Cleo - I'm so sorry Miss Cleo had to have some tests run yesterday.  It was great seeing her today and she seemed just fine with me.  I gave her lots of belly rubs and I got kisses in return.  She did limp a couple of times on the walk (and at that point I turned her around and we came home.)