Dog walking on Tues 1/5

Brrrr and argh...   It is freezing out (thank god for the ear muffs that I now have) and dang it, my blog was down a good part of Tuesday and what I thought I'd written wasn't saved. Maggie - Maggie was silly and wanting to chase every leaf and piece of paper that blew by us in the wind!

Lucy REALLY wants the treat that is in my left hand!

Bowden is a really sweet girl!

Lucy - how fun for Lucy, a play date with Bowden.  They both peed outside in the yard and Bowden pooped.  Lucy did great on the walk.  She didn't pull hardly at all except for the last stretch up the driveway!



Brady & Ferguson - they don't mind the cold at all.  After we went outside and they took care of their business, barked at the workers in the neighborhood, we went inside to play a little bit.

Sunny is a sweetheart!

Louis as in Vitton :)

Louis and Sunny - You are right, Sunny doesn't like the cold and I can't say I blame him.  He shivered the whole time we were outside but he did pee at least.  I let him back in after that and Louis and I stayed outside a little bit longer.  Louis did bark at me at first but he was in my lap not long after that because I had treats!

Max - Max was sleeping when I came in but he got up and we went outside so he could pee!