Dog Walking and Cat Sitting on Thurs 1/7/10

Annabelle, Amos, Brutus, Eenie, Maxine - Everyone ate this morning while I cleaned out the litter boxes.  When I came back in the kitchen, they'd eaten quite a bit but I scraped what was left onto one plate and rinsed off the others.  I grabbed a toy and Brutus came running.  He is pretty funny although I don't think the toy I had was his favorite.  Maxine seemed to like it though.  I switched toys (I grabbed one with the feathers hanging off the end) and that got Brutus going.  Maxine, Brutus AND Amos played today!!  Annabelle wanted to go outside again but I didn't let her out.  It is still soooo cold. Maggie - Maggie doesn't seem to be phased by the cold at all.  Today we strolled through the neighborhood and enjoyed sniffing all of the Christmas trees that are laying by the curb.  She got to see the kids off the school bus on the 2nd visit!

Max - Max was sprawled out on his side sleeping today.  He got up and we went outside so he could take care of his business which of course, he did!

Louis & Sunny - They both were ready to go outside and Louis was ready for a walk.  Sunny wasn't so much so I picked him up as you suggested and carried him for a little ways.  That worked and he seemed content to walk at that point.  They both peed several times and Sunny pooped.

Keagan has a really serious look on his face but he is really ALL puppy!!

Keagan - omg,... what a cutie.  He wasn't up for much of a walk though.  He'd just sit down or roll over on his back.  We stayed outside for about 10-15 minutes and we played upstairs in his room the rest of the time.

Kim Hollis

Charlotte NC