Pet Sitting on Fri 1/8/10

Amos, Annabelle, Brutus, Maxine, and Eenie - They were all doing just fine this morning.  Amos and I think it was Eenie (although maybe it was Brutus) were looking out the window when I drove up this morning.  They were pretty cute.  Everyone ate although there was a little more food left this morning than yesterday.  Amos, Brutus and Maxine played.  Maxine played more today than she ever has with me before.  She was running after the toy... I think she will be a little tired!  Annabelle didn't seem as interested in going outside this morning. Maggie - Maggie enjoyed her 2 walks today.  Someone just told me the wind chill made it seem like 20 degrees outside.  She didn't seem to mind.

Max - Max was sleeping pretty good today but we went outside and he peed.

Brady & Ferguson - the boys and I walked around the circle.  They played and chased after each other a lot.

Louis & Sunny - Sunny really didn't like the cold today but Louis didn't seem to mind.  I carried Sunny a couple of times and Louis just ran ahead of us.  They both peed and pooped today.