Dog walking on a windy Tuesday Jan 26

I must remember to grab another pack of Kleenex for my purse.  Windy + Cold = Need Kleenex :) Hero - I didn't think Hero would want to walk today.  I figured he'd be too cold with the wind.  Well, he surprised me!  I have to say that I didn't mind at all!  Walking especially at his fast pace is really nice when it is cold!  I am still amazed at how fast his little legs can go.  I'm not even close to keeping up with him!  He took care of all of his business and then he led me right back to his house!

Maggie - Maggie and I took a nice, long walk this morning.  We were lucky in that we were down wind except for the very last stretch and we had plenty of sunshine so it was nice.  (I also had on 4 layers of clothing. :) )

Right after I snapped this picture, Lucy got the treat out of her Kong.

Lucy - Lucy patiently waited for me to lock up the house before we went for our walk.  I'd put her leash and collar on and she was just standing by the gate waiting for me.  We had a nice walk (last half of the walk.... very windy, pretty dang cold!)  I threw the ball for her a few times when we got back and then we went inside.  She was super-interested in her Kong.  She got the treat out (so of course I put another one in before I left!)

Sunny & Louis - I put their coats on them both today.  Louis might have been fine without his... he runs so much he probably warms up okay.  I know Sunny was glad to have his on.  They both pooped and enjoyed barking at the workers in the area.

I think this might be a new toy of Cleos.  She sure does like it!

Cleo - Miss Cleo was limping a little bit today.  She didnt seem bothered by it at all (she was throwing her rope around when we got back inside the house) but I cut the walk short when I noticed the limp.

Dusty - Dusty peed a couple of times and then he headed for the house.  I think he was hungry :)