Dog walking on Wed Jan 27

Hero - Hero peed twice and was ready to come back inside. I picked him up and carried him a little ways because he'd not taken care of all of his business.  Once he did, he turned around and headed for home.  It was cold! Maggie - Maggie tried to eat a plastic spoon today.  I saw her grab for something and then I heard the crunch.  I got it out of her mouth.... but she didn't want to give it up!

Brady & Ferguson - they got to see several people today - all of whom came up to them to say hello.  Honestly, the people kind of had to because the boys would just sit down and stare at them.  It worked!

Max - Max was awake when I came in today.  I think sometimes he hears the alarm... I think sometimes he hears the alarm.  He was pretty wobbly today when he was standing and walking but other than that, he seemed just fine.

Cleo - I think Cleo was ready to go outside today.  She was doing a little dance towards the door when she came downstairs so I quickly grabbed her leash and we went outside.  She sniffed a little bit but then she did pee and poop before we even got out of your yard.  We walked almost all the way to the park today - her leg seemed fine, makes me wonder if I imagined the limping yesterday.

Jackson - He had a funny look on his face when he saw it was me coming in (he was sleeping on the couch.)  He got up right away to come and say hi.  I think he would like to be my partner in my job and come along with me on my visits.  He REALLY smelled me for a long time - I think he would like to meet some of the dogs I saw earlier today (which is 8 dogs if you include my 2!)  2nd visit:  We had a nice visit - I read one of your magazines while he ate some of his dinner.  Then he jumped up on the couch with me and I even got a few kisses from him before I left!

Dusty - We had a nice walk around the circle.  He took care of all of his business and then he was ready to head back inside so he could eat his dinner!