Pet sitting on Thurs Jan 28

Jackson - well, he had an early, eventful morning.  Poor guy, his little heart was just racing when I got there.  I think the alarm had just gone off again.  I took him outside and he ran around a little bit.  When we went back inside, I fed him and he ate some.  He looked ready for a snooze when I left!  2nd visit:  it is really nice outside so we stayed in the yard a good bit.  He behaved himself:  sniffing but no hunting! Hero - I think Hero thought it was a little warmer this morning.  He was ready for his walk and today he walked pretty far.

Maggie - Maggie was a little unnerved by the garbage trucks this morning and then this afternoon the Fed Ex truck went by.   She is not a fan of big trucks.

Louis & Sunny - I had my fingers crossed when I walked in the house hoping that Louis had behaved himself.  I think he had... I only found 1 sock near the front door that probably shouldnt have been there.  We went for a nice walk, both pooped.

Brady & Ferguson - neither one of them really wanted to walk today.  They perched themselves right in front of 2 guys that were having a conversation about construction.  I know this because I heard the entire conversation!  I tried and tried and tried to get them to move.  Brady would come to me but Ferguson wasnt budging.  Benjamin drove by in the car so they said hello to him as they slowed down and went by.

Max - Max was awake when I came in today.  He got up and we went outside so he could pee.

Daisy - Daisy trotted around the circle today and peed several times.  He pooped too!

Kim Hollis

Charlotte NC