Dog walking on Friday Jan 22

It has quit raining but it is colder than I thought is was supposed to be. Brady & Ferguson - I was cold so we ran :)  I needed to warm up and I wanted to keep them out of the grass so we ran halfway around the circle.  The grass was so muddy after they pooped I kept them on the pavement.  They got to say hi to one of the workers, twice.  They were pretty happy!

Sunny & Louis - I put their sweaters on them and we walked outside of the gate again.  I carried Sunny part of the time b/c he was just quivering but Louis seemed just fine.  We walked quite a ways and both of them took care of their business.

Max - Max stood outside and did some sniffing today after he peed.

Paris is not feeling good.  She still is really cute and sweet though.

Deja is stalking Daisy while she finishes her dinner.  Daisy did eat it all and then Deja licked the bowl just in case Daisy left anything!

Paris, Daisy, Deja and Marley - Bless Paris' heart.  I think she is in some pain.  I did get her to go outside but not until the end of my visit (I left you a long note at home.)  She didn't want to come down the stairs when I first got there so I read your note and put her in your bedroom.  I walked everyone else:  they all peed and pooped.  Marley pooped 3 times!  I fed them dinner and then I let Paris out.  She did come downstairs and we went in the yard.  She followed me around some (I was trying to get her to walk a little bit so she would pee/poop and she did follow me some but she was really limping.  I'm not sure if she did anything outside.  I know she didn't poop.  Bless her heart.  I feel really bad for her.