Dog walking on Saturday Jan 23

Wow, it is already Jan 23.  Where does time go? Hero - Hero and I took a nice walk this morning but I think he was cold.  He could've used a sweater and a coat on today :)  He took care of all of his business though but then he was ready to come back inside where it is nice and warm!

Diesel & Madden - they were happy to see me today.  We went for a walk and both peed but neither pooped.  I gave them lunch and they were happy about that too!

Grace - She peed several times during the walk but she didn't poop.  I got her canned food out of the fridge and I opened her anitbiotic and mixed it up in the food.  She did gooble it down.  She'd eaten all of her dry food so I refilled her food and she has plenty of fresh water.  We played a little bit with her rabbit too.