Dog walking on Wed Jan 20

Brady & Ferguson - the boys got to say hi to several people today so of course they enjoyed their time outside! Sunny & Louis - they both did a lot of barking today:  at the guys building the house, at the lawn service people and at the UPS woman.  They were being watchdogs!  They both pooped too.

Max - Max went outside and peed.  He did a little sniffing.  I told him he needed to enjoy it today b/c it's supposed to rain tomorrow.

Cleo - Cleo walked to the park and back today.  She rolled around on her back 2x, peed at least 2x and she pooped too!  I noticed she got a haircut too.

Diesel and Madden - both boys peed too many times to count!  Diesel was definitely ready to go outside when I got there b/c he peed as soon as he got outside.