Dog Walking on Tues Jan 19

I think they could be best buds! Brady is doing what he spent a lot of the time doing, sniffing Keagan.  Fergie looks a little bored by it all :)

Brady & Ferguson had a play date.  I think they all would've had a really good time if we could've gotten rid of the leashes.  Ferguson didn't pay as much attention to Keagan and none of them were really into taking a walk.  (not that any of us were surprised by that!)  I thought they would've played a little more but they actually laid down a lot, sniffed each other and attempted to play some.

Sunny & Louis - we went for a nice walk today.  It was just beautiful outside.  Sunny was squinting at one point!  He pooped but Louis didn't today.

Lucy - I saw something today on my walk with Lucy that I've never seen before.... and I'm kind of wishing that I hadn't seen it.  A very large bird (perhaps a hawk) flying across the street in front of us with a squirrel in its claws.  Ewww!  I know it's nature and all but I just don't want to see it.   Lucy and I have been taking the same route lately and she knows it.  She starts to turn down the right streets everytime.  She's smart!

Max - Max stayed outside for a long time today... I think he enjoyed the nice weather too!

Cleo - Cleo and I walked to the park and back.  She did roll around in the grass twice on the way... and then she is covered in grass when she gets up.  I tried to get it out of her fur!