Dog walking on Monday Jan 18

Brady & Ferguson - they (mainly Fergie again) wasn't up for walking much today (kind of like yesterday.)  He wanted to roll around in the grass, try to eat stuff or just sit and watch whatever was going on.  One of them (I haven't paid attention yet to which one) has developed a fascination with birds and it's pretty funny.  They did get to see your neighbor and she said hi to them.  That made them happy!! Louis & Sunny - I put Sunny's coat on him although I could've gone for his sweater I think.  I didn't put a coat on Louis.  They found a tennis ball today and enjoyed playing keep away (from each other) with it.  I didn't think I was going to get Louis away from it but he got distracted by someone who came outside.  That person became more interesting than the tennis ball.  They both pooped too.