Dog Walking and Cat Sitting on Sunday Jan 17

Samantha has a really big smile! Samantha - We had a nice walk this morning.  There wasn't hardly anyone else out so it was nice and quiet.  We had quite a bit of rain overnight so we had to avoid the puddles - Sam didn't mind them but I wanted to avoid them.  I toweled her off before we went inside because she didn't avoid all of the puddles like I did!  Luckily it wasn't raining this morning.  She'd eaten about half of her food so I gave her some more and she took her medicine.

Buddy - Buddy must sleep hard or he likes to sleep in, I'm not sure which.  I stood at the bottom of the stairs and called him this morning.  I heard him jump down off of something (hopefully something that it is okay that he is on!) and he came downstairs.  He went outside 3 different times during my visit.  He'd eaten all of his food from last night so I refilled his bowl.

Buddy enjoyed playing with his tennis ball.

Hero - Hero wasn't too crazy about the ground being wet this morning so our walk was a little shorter than normal.  He took care of all of his business though.

Lo & Sprinkles - the kitties seemed to be just fine this morning.  They'd eaten all of the food I left them yesterday and they were maybe not so patiently waiting for me to open their canned food this morning and feed them!