Pet sitting on Saturday Jan 16

It has turned out to be a really busy day so this is going to be brief and I will download the pictures Sunday morning.  Sorry it is now Saturday night.... I am a little tired and football is on :) Hero - He got to check out a couple of other dogs (from afar) while we were out walking this morning.  His little legs can go pretty fast which doesn't seem quite fair that my much longer legs can't keep up with him!

Such a funny kitty!

Such a pretty kitty

Lo & Sprinkles - I have pictures that I will try to download later tonight or tomorrow mid-morning.  Someone had diarrhea near the litter box in the laundry room.  Both kitties seemed to be feeling just fine though.  There bowls were empty when I got there so I fed them and they both ate, then I found the diarrhea.  I cleaned it up (fairly well) although it was on the plastic mat by the box so that probably needs to be rinsed off really good.

Cutie-pie Mickey

Mickey - We had a really nice walk and then some play time inside.  At first he didn't seem to want to play but I don't think I had the right toys.  He likes that cougar and chased it several times.  He drank some water a couple of times but he didn't eat at all.  I did give him treats in his kong before I left.

Brady & Ferguson - We saw a lot of people today.  Some workers and a couple of kids (not sure if they live there or not.)  B&F liked seeing them and the little girls seemed to like them too!

Samantha -  She looks like she has lost weight (or perhaps I'm just used to looking at my black lab Buddy who could stand to lose a few pounds.)  We went for a long walk and she peed many times and she pooped too.  It didn't look like she'd eaten much if anything - she still had a good bit of food in her bowl.  2nd visit - we took about a 25 minute walk unfortunately in the rain.  I had a towel with me and dried her off when we got back inside.  She ate a little bit and I gave her her medicine too.

Diesel & Madden - we took a nice walk around the complex and one of your neighbors commented on how pretty Diesel is.  (I don't think it bothered him to be called pretty!  :) )  Both boys peed several times and they pooped too.  2nd walk:  it wasnt raining very much when I walked them so Madden did just fine.  Madden peed a couple of time and Diesel peed several.

hahaha  I was standing outside and he comes running around the corner and I snapped this picture.  It makes me laugh!

Buddy -  Buddy's hair was standing on his back when I opened the door but after a couple of sniffs (see all the dogs listed above that I had seen before him), I think he realized I was okay and I certainly smelled good to him.  I tossed the tennis ball for him a few times and he carried around with him for awhile too.  2nd visit:  he didnt greet me at the door which surprised me.  He was sitting on the staircase and when he came down he stretched.  I am guessing he was sleeping!  He went outside and peed and then came back in and ate a little bit.  I let him out a 2nd time before I left.