Dog Walking and Cat Sitting on Wed 2/24

Max H - Max greeted me at the door.  He was really meowing at me.  I fed him (he still had some in his bowl) and I cleaned out his box.  I pet him after that and his motor really started going.  (I picked up some new food for him today.  After I fed him this morning, his bag was empty.) Hero - It was barely raining when we walked so Hero did okay today.  He was out long enough to take care of all of his business!

Maggie - Maggie minded really well on the walk today.  We only had one incident where she grabbed a piece of paper that I had to pull out of her mouth.  We got lucky too.  It wasn't raining when we walked.  I'd put her coat on her just in case it started though.

Action photo of Steve.... hes a silly guy!

Steve - Steve was ready to go outside.  He peed as soon as I put him down outside.  He ate about 3/4 of the food I gave him so I put the rest back in the container.  We played fetch today too... he runs fast for such a little guy.  He was REALLY interested in Madison today too.  I kept an eye on him b/c Madison didn't back off today.  I wasn't sure if she was playing with him or mad and I didn't want Steve to get scratched.  2nd visit:  We went outside and Steve peed 2x and he pooped.  He is so funny.... he knows that he gets treats after he pees / poops.  I obliged him of course.  We went inside and played with his toys.

Brady & Ferguson - the boys were wound up today.  I walked them long enough for them to pee and then we went inside so they could eat.  I figured since they both had food left, I'd give them plenty of time to eat it.  Fergie snarfed his down and Brady ate about half of his.  When Brady stopped eating, I put their leashes on them and we went back outside.  Fergie peed again outside and Brady pooped.

Sunny & Louis - the boys walked all the way down the street and back.  They were both shivering pretty much the whole time but they both walked the whole way.  (I'd put their coats on both of them.)  We got lucky... at least it wasn't really raining when we were out!

Max - Max got up pretty easily and went right outside.  It was raining but he was okay to stay for a few minutes and do a little extra sniffing too!

Cleo - Cleo didn't mind the rain today.  There was actually a little snow mixed in with the rain during our walk.  She pooped and she peed several times.

Frankie - What a sweetie she is but she wasn't very excited about going for a walk.  It was barely raining so I thought we'd go for a walk.  We went about halfway around the circle, she peed so I headed her back for home.  I think she was glad.  I tried toweling her off before we came in the house.... I'm not sure I did a very good job though.  That is a lot of fur!

Kim Hollis

Charlotte NC