the dog walker on Tuesday Feb 24

Hero - It was raining just a little bit this morning.  Hero didn't seem to mind today though.  At least it wasn't cold!  He took care of all of his business! Brady & Ferguson - they got to walk around the circle today with one of your neighbors.  They really like seeing her.  They both pooped too!

Sunny & Louis - the boys enjoyed their walk today.  It was nice outside but I still put a sweater on Sunny.  I'm glad I did.  He was still shivering outside.  Sunny pooped today, Louis didn't.

Max - Max was snoozing pretty good when I came in today.  He did get up to go outside and he peed right away.  Yea, no accidents today in the house.  :)

Cleo - We had walked a few houses down from your when your neighbor got home.  (The neighbor that Cleo really likes!)  So, that was pretty much the end of our walk today.  She said hello to Cleo and then Cleo had to sit and watch her go inside.  She'd walk a little bit after that but she'd turn around frequently to see if she'd come back outside.  She didn't but Cleo did get to see your other neighbor with the big bird.  She seemed pretty happy about that too.  She did manage to pee a couple of times and poop too in between her stalking :)  haha!