the dog walker on Monday Feb 22

Hero - Hero enjoyed our walk today.  The weather wasn't too cold and it wasn't raining. Grace - It was nice to see Grace again.  I fed her and of course she was happy about that!  I also fed Max and the fish.... (I can't remember the fish's name, Nemo?  I know it is something along those lines!)

Brady & Ferguson - we made it around the circle 2 times today.  I worked on some leash training with the boys.

Max - Max was standing up when I came in today.  He had peed on the towels so needless to say, he didn't have to go when I took him outside.  He got up and down the stairs really well today!

Cleo - Miss Cleo and I took a nice walk up and around the park today.

Dusty - bless Dusty's heart.  I confused  him today.  We walked outside and he pooped pretty quickly then of course I realized I didn't have a poop bag on me.  We walked back into the house so I could get one and Dusty thought it was dinner time.  He was confused when we went back outside!

Kim Hollis

Charlotte NC