Dog walking on Monday Feb 1 in the snow and ice

My goal today:  do not slip and fall.  I did slip, I actually lost count of the number of times but I did not fall... for that I am thankful!  8 dog walks so far and only two to go... hopefully I'll make the last two without falling down! Maggie - she was hilarious this afternoon.  She starting digging in the pile of snow beside the garage.  She was in her downward dog pose and would dig and then kind of jump around.  She got all wound up and was pretty darn funny!

Hero - He was ready for a walk today.  He did a little sliding himself but he didn't seem to mind the snow and ice as much as I thought he would.

Brady & Fergie - they wanted to roll around in the snow.  I didn't really let them once I realized that's what they wanted to do.  They got scared a couple of times and Brady barked like crazy - big chunks of snow would slide off of the houses and make a lot of noise.

Louis & Sunny - Louis likes the snow... why am I not surprised.  I'm sure he would've loved to be off-leash.  Sunny did just fine in the snow but I did pick him up and carry him a couple of times.

Max - Max woke up as I came in today and he got up pretty fast and went outside.

Cleo - Cleo walked out of your house and to the left today.  Then we walked about halfway to the park.  I think she preferred walking on the dry streets... not in the snow!