Dog Walking on Tues 2/2

Well.... today was rainy and cold.  So much so that I went out and bought another pair of gloves and I came home at lunch and switched shoes.  Several months ago I blogged that my rain boots were a great purchase.  And they still are, although they are not warm at all!  My toes were frozen!  I  wore my crocs this afternoon and my toes are still toasty warm.  Those are the greatest shoes ever.... I need to look online to see if they come in a boot! Hero - He walked but he didn't like it.  Bless his heart.... these cold temps are hard on my chihuahua clients!

Lucy - Lucy could care less if it is raining.  She just puts her head down and marches on.  I on the other hand was trying to avoid the ice patches (there weren't many luckily.)  She peed a couple of times.  She was funny though.  When we got back to the house she ran straight for the back door.  She didn't even pick up her ball.

Maggie - Maggie wanted to play in the snow again today.  She is funny the way she digs in it.

Brady & Fergie - Brady wanted to roll around in the grass today.  I stopped him - it was way to wet and cold for him to be doing that.  I can't figure out why he want to!

Louis and Sunny - Sunny didn't like the weather today at all (see my note above re: Hero, also a chihuahua.)   For a moment Louis didn't want to walk either but he got over that fast because she trotted in front of me for most of the walk.

Max - Max heard me come in, lifted up his head and then he just laid it back down.  Maybe he was trying to hide so he wouldn't have to wake up and go outside in the cold.  He did go out and he peed.

Cleo - Miss Cleo was ready to walk today and she was going at a really fast pace.  (She saw a cat way down the street so that's what got her going.)  Midday through the way she spotted a dog way in front of us so that kept her going at the fast pace.)  She even pooped twice.

Dusty - Dusty trotted around the circle, pooped and then he was ready to go inside and have his dinner.