Dog walking on Tues 2/9

Hero - we managed to get out for our walk before the rain so Hero was happy about that!  He took care of all of his business and then he headed straight for the house.  It's still pretty cold outside for the little guy! Lucy is all excited everytime we return for a walk b/c she knows she gets treats in her Kong.

Lucy - I'll bet if I looked back on my posts, this is the 3rd Tuesday in a row that it has rained.  When I got to your house, it was sprinkling.  By the time Lucy and I got just outside your fence, here comes the rain.  A steady rain, not too heavy and at least it wasn't windy.  I left you a note that I started a new workout regime and today was Day 2.  I planned Day 2 on purpose the morning before I walked Lucy b/c I knew I'd get a really good walk in to stretch my legs.  I did and Lucy seemed to really enjoy the walk too.  We actually got a little lost but I dont think she cared.  I didnt!  :)  When we got back to the house, she ran inside and grabbed her new toy.  It's not in the picture but I know it was closeby!

Brady & Ferguson - the boys and I jogged halfway around the circle today but they we stopped b/c Fergie had to poop.  :)  We walked and jogged the other half but they were still really full of energy when we got back in the house.  They were zooming all around the room chasing each other.

Sunny & Louis - We had a nice walk today and both guys pooped and of course they peed several times.  I put their sweaters on both of them b/c it was cold outside.

Max - Max was sleeping with his back to the door when I came in.  He'd lifted his head (I assume he could hear the alarm) but then when I shut it off, he laid his head back down.  I think he thought he could go back to sleep!  We did go outside and he peed.

Cleo - I think she was feeling really good today.  She came running down the stairs and she pounced (really, it was a pounce!) on her stuffed bone.  We went for a long walk and when we got back inside, she went running after her toy again and jumped around with it in her mouth.  She was pretty funny - I had to laugh at her.