Pet Sitting on Monday 2/8

Jay & Chloe - they were sleeping still this morning when I came in.  As soon as Jay saw me though, she was all excited and ready to play ball so we did! Hero - We had a nice walk this morning.  Once he was done with his business, he was ready to come back inside though!

Brady & Ferguson - the boys and I went on a walk today.  I tried to get them to "walk" and they did part of the time, the other part of the time they were trying to play with each other and I was trying not to trip over them!

Louis & Sunny - the sun came out by the time we walked.  I still put Sunny's coat on though.  It felt really nice and I think all three of us enjoyed it!

Max - Bless Max's heart, he was sleeping in between the towels and his bed when I came in.  I think he got a little cold outside too, he was shivering when we came back inside.  (I'd fixed his bed and towels so he laying on his bed when I left.)

Dusty - He was sleeping today when I came in.  Then when he saw it was me, he got all excited.  I just love this job!