Sam and Buddy in the snow and a warning

Buddy was happy when Sam got warm enough to give up the blankets.  My cutie-pie. Sam Sam loves the snow but apparently it doesnt love him.

Sam and Buddy love the snow but particularly Sam does.  He's my 12 year old yellow lab.  I took them outside for about 10 minutes on Saturday after it'd snowed so they could play.  Sam likes to roll around in the snow (see above) and eat the snow but the fun turned a little scary once we got inside.  Sam started trembling, really really trembling and then he started moaning.  I figured he was cold so I put his sweater on him.  This is the dog that gets overheated really easily.  I called my vet and thank goodness they were open.  They said his core temperature got too cold and I needed to warm him up on the outside and the inside.   I heated a mixture of broth and water (not certain if the broth would upset his really sensitive stomach) and he drank that.  Then he laid down on the couch and I wrapped him up in blankets.  Again, this is the dog that gets hot really easily but he stayed under the blanket for over an hour.  Then he crawled out and sprawled on the floor on his side.... I think he was getting a little too warm.

So be careful with your pets this time of year when it is this cold.  It has taken me a week to post this note or any pictures of them in the snow because it bothered me that I let this happen.  Luckily he's okay.