Pet sitting on Super Bowl Sunday 2/7/10

Chloe just wants to be pet! Crazy Jay playing with her ball last night.  My attempt at an action photo didnt turn out so well :(

Jay & Chloe -Jay had eaten all of her food again but Chloe still had some left her in her bowl.  I refilled both of them and gave them some fresh water.  I threw the ball a little bit for Jay but it was 25 degrees outside so I didn't want her out there too much.  I've noticed when she comes in she is trembling so I'm not certain if that is because of the cold or not but I didn't want her to get too cold.  They both certainly seem to be doing just fine!

Hadley, Ollie & Daisy - Ollie slept in the room with me again and Daisy and Hadley slept downstairs.  Hadley must've heard something because he starting barking during the night.  They all went outside and peed this morning and then I gave them their breakfast.