Pet Sitting on Saturday Feb 6

Hadley, Ollie & Daisy - everyone is doing just fine.  Ollie slept in the room with me and Hadley and Daisy (of course!) stayed downstairs.  Daisy was curled up in her bed when I headed upstairs to bed.  Everyone went outside and peed this morning.  Daisy was ready to go (she peed last night too.)  It had stopped raining this morning so that helped but Ollie and Hadley's paws were a mess :) Jay & Chloe - Yea, it has stopped raining!  Jay was sleeping in the living room I think this morning.  She came through the kitchen when she heard me.  I threw the ball for her for awhile and then I wiped her paws off when we came inside.  Somehow they weren't that bad.  I gave Chloe a little more food this morning too.

Brady & Fergie - The boys and I went for a short jog and they played with each other some too.

Madden & Diesel - We went for a nice walk and both boys peed several times and they pooped too.

Kim Hollis

Charlotte NC