Pet sitting on Friday 2/5

Jay & Chloe - Chloe met me at the door this morning and I think Jay was still sleeping.  She came from the den when she heard me!  She either doesn't like the rain, only wants to go outside with a human, or both.  She did go outside and pee but I didn't throw the ball for her this morning.  It was really raining hard.  (I did find the paw towel in the cabinet.)  Jay had eaten all of her food so I gave her some more and Chloe still had plenty in her bowl.  PM Visit:  It was raining pretty hard still.  Jay went outside and peed and then she headed straight for the door.  I wiped her paws off and rubbed on Chloe a little bit too.  I gave Chloe a little more food and cleaned out her box. Hero - He didn't like the rain at all this morning.  He did pee 2x but that was it.  He was ready to come back inside.

Maggie - I put her raincoat on and we went for a short walk (to the end of the street and back.)  It was really raining at the time.  I dried her off when we got back to the house and I looked at a magazine while she got to enjoy some time out of her crate.

Louis & Sunny - Neither of the boys wanted to walk today in this rain.  They did and Sunny pooped but I don't think they liked it too much.  :(

Max - It took Max a little while to get up today but when he went outside he peed right away and he came back up the stairs pretty fast.  Maybe he wanted to get out of the rain!