Pet sitting on Thurs 2/25

Hanna -I think I woke her up this morning.  She didn't even bark at me as I was coming inside.  She'd left her barbells outside last night so they were frozen this morning.  I'll make certain we don't do that again!  Midday visit - we played outside with her favorite toy and she barked when I didn't throw it fast enough for her.  Silly girl! Hero - He was cold this morning but he stayed out and walked long enough to take care of all of his business!

How can you not just love Steves cute face!

Steve - he still just makes me laugh.  He's so stinkin' cute!  I took him outside 2x on the morning visit and he pooped.  He ate all of his breakfast too.  Of course, we played some too.  2nd visit:  I took him outside 2x and we played in between the two potty breaks.  Madison stayed hidden on the 2nd visit.  Murphy ventured out but then disappeared when Steve showed a lot of interest in him.

Brady & Ferguson - the boys and I walked around the circle and then I brought them inside so they could finish their breakfast.  Fergie finished his but Brady only ate about half.

Sunny & Louis - I put both of their coats on and we went for our walk.  They were both shivering a little bit but they both walked the whole time!  Sunny pooped too.

Max - I think Max heard me come in but then he laid his head back down and went back to sleep.  I think he would've gladly stayed that way but he got up and we went outside so he could pee.

Cleo - Cleo and I walked to the park and back with really gusty winds blowing.  At one point she looked up into the sky like "what is going on?"  It was really gusty.  She peed several times and she pooped.

Shes a really big girl and one of the sweetest ones I know.

Frankie - She came and greeted me at the door today.  Then when I got her leash out she went and hid under the table.  I opened the backdoor so then she went outside.  I sat down and just rubbed on her and then we went for our walk.  We went around the circle.  She peed and she pooped.  Her poo was really soft... I'd almost call it diarrhea.  (Makes me wonder what she is thinking if she needed to do that but beforehand was acting like she didn't want to go outside.)  I know, it's the leash and the walk I think she doesn't really like.  Bless her heart, she is so so sweet.

Gaylord & Finnegan - the boys barked up a storm when I came in but I think they were glad to see me.  They certainly think I smell good.  The both really sniffed me when we got in the backyard, even before they went to go pee.