Dog walking on Fri 2/26

Happy Birthday to my brother who is not picture here!!  :) Hanna is waiting on me to throw her favorite toy!

Hanna - Hi Ruff Ruff.  It's me Hanna.  The pet sitter came over to see me again this morning.  I barked at her when she came inside.   She grabbed my favorite toy and we went outside.  She threw it several times but then we came inside.  I was shivering... it was COLD out!  I look pretty cute in my picture, huh?  2nd visit:  guess what?  I think the pet sitter thinks that it is summer time.  We stayed outside the whole visit... it was 50 degrees so it kind of felt like summer.  She threw the barbell for a lot... she actually counted 7 times but then I took a potty break and I decided to sniff her.  She forgot to start counting again after that.  We had fun!  She's spending the night at another client's house tonight so she won't update her blog again until tomorrow.  She told me to tell you that.  :)

This might be my favorite photo of Finnegan that Ive taken!!!

Gaylord & Finnegan - well, I got sniffed a bunch again today and I swear I had on clean clothes!  It was early.... I hadn't been that many places yet.   The boys are doing just fine although Finnegan was scratching at his left ear.  I'll keep an eye on him to see if he does it some more.  2nd visit - I took the boys for a walk.  Seriously, Gaylord doesn't care if Finnegan pees on him.  I knew to watch him this time but if I wouldn't have been watching, he would've been peed on multiple times.  Neither one pooped... I was a little surprised but they'd both pooped last night.  Those are some big poop bags you have.... very nice and I'm sure great to use with Gaylord!!

Hero - Hero walked quite a ways but he sure didn't like it when the wind would blow.  (I didn't like it so much myself either.)  He took care of all of his business and then he headed into the house!

Max - he got right up today and went outside to pee.

Frankie - Frankie and I walked around the circle today.  She would look over at the house... I'm not sure if she was just making sure that it was still there.... I'm guessing that was her hint to me that she was ready to go back.  We kept going and went around the whole way until we made it back.

Dusty is happy... hes just finished his walk and dinner!

Dusty - we made our normal loop before coming back inside so I could feed him his dinner.