the pet sitter on Saturday 2/27

Hadley, Ollie & Daisy - Hadley started out sleeping in the bed with me but he got up after about an hour and went downstairs.  (I was watching the is nice having a tv in the room.)  :)  Hadley needed bark two different times during the night.  I'm not sure why but he settled down pretty quickly. Gaylord & Finnegan - they must've been hungry last night.  They'd eaten all of their food this morning.  I gave them more and they ran around the yard doing a lot of sniffing this morning.

Hanna - Hanna was snoozing again this morning.  She barked as I came through the door.... not as I was coming up the driveway.  She's been eating a little bit too and I'm always sure to give her a treat when she comes back inside.