the pet sitter on Sunday 2/28

Hadley, Ollie & Daisy - Ollie stayed with me overnight and Hadley was downstairs.  Hadley only barked once and it was before I'd even gone to sleep!  I think we all must've slept better. Gaylord & Finney - The boys were just fine this morning and I think Gaylord would like it if I left my shoes at your house so he could sniff them whenever he wanted!  They'd both finished off their food from yesterday so I refilled their bowls.  Finney does seem to be shaking his head and scratching his ears periodically.

Hanna - Hanna and I played some this morning but not for too long b/c she was barking and it was early!  She'd bark b/c she wanted me to throw her toy... I obviously wasn't doing it fast enough for her!