Pet First Aid and Sam

Every time the boys and I go for a dog walk, we have to go by some rose bushes.  Well today one of the thorns got ahold of Sam's ear.  I didn't notice it until we got home and I saw blood on the wall.  The first thing I checked was his tail.  He has split that open twice before.  No, it wasn't his tail.  Then I checked his mouth.  It was up on the wall about 2 feet so I knew it wasn't his paws.  Then I checked Buddy.  Finally I noticed the blood on his ear.  So, my American Red Cross First Aid paid off today.  (Or perhaps it was the first aid training I remember as a kid.....) anyway, apply direct pressure.  After 5-10 minutes of doing that, it has almost stopped bleed and Sam is glad that I am no longer squeezing his ear.  Hopefully it'll stop completely... I keep checking it and I think it will.