Dog walking on Tues 3/2

I don't remember the last time I saw snowflakes this big.  They were so big they made my mascara run... seriously! Hero - We got out before the snow arrived.  He walked around, sniffed and took care of all of his business.

Steve - it wasn't snowing on the morning visit but it was on the afternoon visit.  He didn't pay too much attention to it.  He was a good boy and peed outside and then of course he looked up at me b/c he wanted a treat!

Brady & Ferguson - I can tell that Fergie hasn't felt well.  Neither one of them have a lot of energy today which is so unusual for your boys.  They did both eat a little bit.

Sunny & Louis - Sunny didn't like the snow at all!  I had to carry him for the first half of the walk.  He gladly walked back... he knew he was headed home!

Max - Max went out and took care of his business and was ready to come back in right after that.  It wasn't snowing too hard when I stopped by and we were outside.

Cleo - it started snowing and there was even some rain mixed in so it wasn't very pleasant outside.  Cleo was content to sniff around at first... I was hoping she'd be ready to walk because I was cold.  She did walk to the park and back.

Frankie - Frankie didn't care for the snow.  She peed and then she was ready to go inside.  We walked around 1/2 of the circle.

Dusty - Dusty didn't mind the snow too much but I think he was happy when he got inside and had his dinner!

Kim Hollis

Charlotte NC