the dog walker on Wed 3/3

Hero - We were both glad there wasn't a lot of snow on the ground this morning!  Hero took care of his business but I think he wasn't enjoying it when the wind would blow.  I could tell it made him cold. Steve - Cutie-pie Steve was full of energy today and man... his teeth are razor sharp.  He spent a good bit of time trying to entice Murphy to play but Murphy wasn't into playing, he was very patient with Steve though.  Steve gobbled up all of his lunch too.

Maggie - Several times today Maggie wanted to wander around vs walking at a heel.  She did pretty good though.

Brady & Ferguson - the boys finished off all of their food after we walked.  They still weren't their normal high energy crazy boys.

Sunny & Louis - Louis enjoyed his walk today.  I had to carry Sunny a little ways today but then he was fine to walk the rest of the way.  They both pooped.

Max - Max was sleeping behind his dog bed today.  He had a hard time walking over it so we could go outside, crazy guy.  He did though and he peed.

Cleo - Miss  Cleo was ready to walk today.  She did get to say hello to a neighbor which made her day, I think!

Frankie - She is such a sweet dog.  We walked around the circle today and she peed & pooped.

Dusty - Dusty pranced around today and he pooped of course!  He usually does.  :)