the Dog Walker on Mon Feb 15

Hero - It wasn't raining very hard when we walked (it started raining hard after I left!)  Hero took care of all of his business pretty fast and then he was ready to come back inside. Buddy & Fergie - Both boys peed and pooped.  They also got to say hi to one of the GCs working in the neighborhood.  I think it might have made their day.

Sunny & Louie - I put the boys coats on before our walk.  Sunny definitely need his, he was shivering before too long.  They both peed several times and they pooped.

Max - Max was snoozing pretty good when I came in today.  It took him a few minutes to wake up but then he was ready to get up and go outside.

Dusty - Dusty was sleeping when I came in today but once he saw me he got up and stretched.  Then he was ready for his walk!  Then of course he was ready for his dinner!