the dog walker on Tues Feb 16

Have I mentioned that I LOVE my job?  Today was a great reminder why and Lesson #13: Reason #1 why I love my job:  Hero - Hero and I had a nice walk.  We both enjoyed the sunshine.  He is such a sweet boy and I get to talk to his mom everyday too and I really like her.

I kept telling Steve how cute he is!

Reason #2:  Steve.  Need I say more.  Just take a look at that face!  I didn't realize my camera battery was about dead so I only got a couple of pictures.  When I walked into his room, he was sitting up in his "pit" looking ready to go outside.  I picked him up, grabbed his "stuff" and we went outside.  He peed right away (go potty!) so he got a "good boy" and treats.  We went inside and played which consisted of me throwing a few of his toys and occasionally he would "fetch" and me trying to keep him from biting at my shoelaces and my hair!

I fed him and he ate it all (Murphy and I both enticed him to eat.)  Steve noticed that Murphy had a strong interest in his food so that's when he decided he should eat.  Murphy knows the command "no," that is one smart kitty!  After Steve ate, we played some more and then we went back outside again.  He peed again (same routine as last time, go potty, treats, good boy!) and then we came inside.  Benjamin and Frankie were outside and actually got of their fence and came over into your yard.  I had scooped Steve up so he was just fine and safe.  The other 2 dogs didn't get close to Steve.  They were really more interested in sniffing the yard.  Madison made a couple of appearances too and I was able to give both of the kitties a few scratches too.  (not all of my posts will be this detailed but I figured you'd want to know them since this was our first visit!)  2nd visit:  We went outside when I got there and he peed.  Then we went outside and played.  I took him out again before I left and he pooped.  I think he peed to but I'm not certain.... sometimes it is hard to tell!

Reasons #3 & 4:  Brady & Ferguson.  The boys just love everyone.  Today they got to say hello to someone working on a house nearby.

Reasons #5 & 6:  Sunny & Louis - These guys are two of the sweetest dogs.  I love the fact that Louis is a rescue (and was rescued as an adult.)

Reason #7:  Max.   Sweet, ole Max.  Max is 17.  It takes him a few minutes to stand up when I come and see him bless his heart but he gets up and we go outside so he can do his business.

Reason #8:  Cleo.  I call her Miss Cleo.  (I actually have nicknames for most of the pets I see... perhaps I will put them in the next newsletter!)  She makes me laugh everytime I walk into her house.  She is always sleeping upstairs... always!  I'll walk in and call her, sometimes twice and she comes down the stairs and then just gets so excited.  I kneel down to pet her and I always get kisses.

Reason #9:  Dusty.  He's just always so happy.  His tail goes non-stop when I walk him.  It's pretty funny... I can just tell he's happy!

Lesson # 13:  Starting See Spot Run is one of the best things I've ever done!