Dog walking on Wed 2/17

Hero - It was cold this morning and the little guy wanted his time outside to be quick.  He walked a little bit but after peeing a few times, he was ready to come back inside. Maggie - Maggie walked nicely on the leash today.  She took care of all of her business too.

Brady & Ferguson - The boys were ready to play today.  While I had their leashes on outside they started chasing each other.  I mean really chasing each other.  I made them stop because I thought someone might get hurt.  They of course were fine and just having fun.

Sunny & Louis - I carried Sunny for part of the walk today.  He was cold and dug his feet in like he wasn't going any further.  :)  So I picked him up and we snuggled for a little bit while Louis explored.

Max - Max looked a little sleepier than usual today.  He was fairly wobbly today when he got up but he did and he went outside and peed.

Cleo - Cleo and I were walking along and she started to limp a little bit so I turned her around and cut the walk short.  I think she would've gone further but I didn't want to cahnce it.

Dusty - Dusty and I enjoyed a brisk walk.  Thank goodness he walks fast because it was cold and walking fast warms me up!

Kim Hollis

Charlotte NC