the dog walker on Thurs 2/18

It's my niece's birthday... she's the one who is pictured on the flash on the first page of my website holding her dog Em.  Happy Birthday Cookie! Hero - He was finally ready to take care of all of his business today.  It didn't take him very long either.  Silly guy!

Maggie - I call her Maggie Moo.  We had a nice walk today in the sunshine.  She tried to grab a receipt that was laying on the ground.  Sneaky girl.

Steve - oh Steve, cutie pie Steve.  He doesn't have a nickname yet.  I'll have to work on that.  We had fun today.  We played fetch in the house.  In the morning we played with his mini-tennis ball and in the afternoon we played with his toy (I can't even think of what it is right now.... it's gray.)  I'd toss his toy and he'd chase after it and bring it to me.  I was careful not to play tug-a-war with him.  He peed a couple of times, both visits but he didn't poop today.

Brady & Ferguson - we worked on proper leash walking again today.  They get it.  Ferguson actually did better today.  Brady wanted to wander off but I didn't let him.  He did finish his breakfast too.

Max - Max was stretched out on his side sleeping when I came in today.  He didn't hear me.  He did wake up though and we went outside so he could pee.

Dusty - Dusty trotted around before letting me know it was time to go back inside so he could have his dinner!