Dog walking and cat sitting on Fri 2/19

Steve - He crawled in my lap this morning, curled up and laid down.  I was in heaven.  We didn't stay that way very long.... I was there to get him up and moving around not sleeping :) plus my old legs can't sit on the floor like that for long.  We had fun.  He chased after his bear (I paid attention to what type of animal his toy is) and he ate all of his breakfast.  On the afternoon visit he got brave.  While we were outside, he did quite a bit of sniffing, even right next to the fence where Benjamin lives.  He put his head right up to the fence as if he was looking for Benjamin... it was pretty funny!  Well.... it was funny because Benjamin wasnt outside! Sunny & Louis - they enjoyed their walk but they only peed today.  Granted they both peed many, many times but that was it. :)

Max - Max was rather spry today.  He was awake when I came in, he got right up and walked pretty fast (I'd almost call it a trot) to the door.  He hopped right down the stairs, went out and peed and then he hopped right back up them again.

Dusty - his haircut looks pretty cute!

Jay & Chloe -I Just realized the title for today was dog walking.... up until tonight it had just been dog walking but I didnt want to leave Miss Chloe out so I added cat sitting :)  They are both just fine.  Chloe met me at the door, Jay must have been sleeping.  I gave Chloe a few treats and Jay and I went outside.  She peed and I threw the ball for her a few times.  They had both eaten all of their food so I gave them a little more.

Kim Hollis

Charlotte NC