the dog walker on Saturday 2/20

What a great day.  The weather is awesome!! Jay & Chloe - both visits:  they're doing just fine.  I just got back from the 2nd visit and I was throwing the ball for Jay.  I could never be a pitcher.... I hit the truck with a very wet, slobbery tennis ball.  Sorry about that.  Jay didn't care, she still found it.  I was trying to throw it really fast (because she is so fast) but that didn't work out so well on my end.  Chloe was doing just fine too.  She misses you.  She was up in my face as I was leaving you the note at the house so I gave her some rubbing too!  I've also given both of them a treat each time I'm there.

Hero - we had a nice walk and he took care of all of his business and then he even wanted to walk a little more!

Diesel & Madden - They were ready to go outside when I got there and we had a nice, long walk.  Diesel pooped (he actually had diarrhea.)  The weather was soooo nice, all three of us enjoyed it!