dog walking and cat sitting on Wed 3/24

Benjamin - Just after our afternoon walk and a lot of water!  I am going to attempt to brush him later. Your sweet, sweet girl Frankie

There was a bird walking across the brick wall.  PJ really wanted to go outside....

Ben, Frankie and PJ - PJ is definitely the early riser in the crowd.  He was up at 5:30 again this morning.  I took Ben and Frankie for a walk this morning and Ben pooped.  I've started cleaning out Frankie's eyes every visit (have I mentioned that already) because they stay pretty icky as I'm sure you know.  We are having a beautiful day here so the 3 of us (sans PJ) took a nice long lunchtime walk.  I may sneak back over really early tonight and enjoy some classical music outside on the terrace :) before bedtime!

Brady & Ferguson - the boys were really ready to walk today.  We'd walked over by the far gate and they walked right up to it so we went out and walked around some.  They were really good and they loved it!  They both were doing a ton of sniffing!

I really wish that Id taken this a second before I did.  Steves parents will know that he is jumping right at me (hence the Dumbo ears) but hes a little too close.  Still funny!

Steve - There were a lot of workers around and the some of the noises scared Steve.  We stayed in the backyard and enjoyed the sunshine.  I told him several times that he was being a very good boy for being so brave!  He's such a cutie!

Max - Max was sleeping when I came in today.  He did get up to go outside so he could pee and he did a little bit of sniffing too.

Cleo - Miss Cleo walked out into your yard, peed and then walked across the street and immediately started rolling around on her back.  After she finished rolling around, she just decided to lay there.  She did get up and walk across the street, pooped and then she started sniffing something, put her shoulder down as if she was going to roll in "something."  Luckily!!  I saw her and she didn't roll in whatever gross thing she found!  We sat outside in your yard for awhile too.