the dog walker and cat sitter on Tues 3/23

Benjamin, Frankie & PJ:  We had a good night.  Ben got in a little play time last night with all of his toys... I really do think he played with all of them while I watched Dancing with the Stars :)  PJ came in and out of the room throughout the night and occasionally Ben would jump up and put his paws on the bed to greet PJ.  PJ wasn't necessarily thrilled with his greeting and I must say I jumped a few times too!  Meanwhile  Frankie stayed curled up on the floor.  We were up early... about 5:30am for a doggie potty break.  I tried to get some more sleep but that wasn't happening so I got up and took Ben and Frankie for a morning walk.  Both pooped.  Frankie's was diarrhea-like towards the end. Lucy - We had a nice walk although it was a little chilly!

Casper - He is so funny.  I let him out of his crate and we immediately went outside.  Within about 5 minutes he peed and then headed back up towards the house.  We went inside and I gave him some water which he drank.  We played for awhile and then we went back outside before I left and he pooped!

Brady & Ferguson - the boys were really excited when they saw me today.  I had just eaten a turkey sandwich and my hands smelled REALLY good to them!  Fergie pooped, neither one of them ate anything.

Louis & Sunny - poor Louis must've had an upset tummy.  He'd thrown up in his crate and made quite a mess.  He acted just fine though and seemed to enjoy his walk.  Sunny did too!  Lola was out of her crate and had peed several times on the potty pads so put down clean ones.

Steve - wow, I can't believe how big he has gotten.  I'm sure Madison can't either.  He was really harassing her so we stayed outside a good bit of the visit.  He peed and pooped!

Max - Max must've had an upset tummy too (see Louis above.)  He had thrown up just a little bit but he'd peed on one of the towels too.  He surprised me today though... he hoped right up to go outside (a little wobbly still but he was moving) and coming back up the stairs inside the house, you'd of thought he was 5 years old.  He hopped right up!!  I was really surprised!