the pet sitter on Monday March 22

After a few days of r&r... the blog posts are back! Brady & Ferguson - we walked halfway around before the rain started to come down.  They still managed to stop and say hi to one of the guys working next door.  Brady pooped and he ate the rest that was in his bowl.  Fergie didn't poop and didn't eat very much either.

PJ just took a few swats at Bens nose.

Ben, Frankie & PJ - Everyone is doing fine but there were 2 accidents in the house today.  When I came in for the noon visit someone had pooped just a little bit on the rug in the den.  I assumed it was Ben because it wasn't very much.  When I came back for the 5pm visit, there was just a little bit of diarrhea on the carpet... same spot and the last poo.  While I was out walking them, Frankie had diarrhea so both of the accidents must've been hers.  I walked them both visits but I don't know if she was reluctant to go on the tandem.  She seems to be acting fine.  I didn't realize before that she is a leaner.... I'll rub her neck and she just leans into me.  Ben is just fine too as is PJ.

Max - Max was sleeping when I came in today.  He got up, went outside and was ready to come right back in.  It was raining and a little cold outside.

Cleo - She was in the mood to go for a walk today and luckily it had stopped raining.  She pooped while we were out too!