Dog walking on Monday 3/15

Ferguson looked sleepy today! Brady & Ferguson - the boys were sleepy this morning.  They both went outside and pooped and we got to see one of your neighbors which made them happy.  When we came back inside, Fergie ate his breakfast but Brady only had a few bites.

Fillmore looks ready for a little snooze after his breakfast, walk and playtime!

Fillmore - Fillmore was ready for his breakfast this morning and then he was happy when we went for our walk!  2nd walk:  it is beautiful today.  We both enjoyed our midday walk!

Sunny & Louis - The sun was shining brightly when we were outside today and both of the dogs liked it!

Max - Max was awake when I came in today.  He went outside and peed and then was ready to come back inside.

Cleo - Ms Cleo's tummy was gurgling today.  Of course, when she was outside she just wanted to eat grass.  We did walk a little ways but not too far today.

Cute, sweet Allie-girl

Allie & Tilly - Tilly sat at the back door the entire time Allie & I were in the backyard.   She wanted out too!