Dog Walking on Monday 3/8

It feels like springtime! Hero - he enjoyed his walk today.  It was in the mid-40s so it was warmer than it has been.

Brady & Ferguson - I used the boy's new leashes today when I walked them.  They did pretty well walking around the circle.  They both pooped too.

Louis & Sunny - I didn't have to put coats on either one of them for once.  Sunny wasn't shivering and I actually got warm.  Sunny pooped, Louis didn't.

Max - Max even enjoyed the sunshine today.  He spent a little bit of time walking around and sniffing outside.

Cleo - I thought Cleo might be in the mood to walk today but she really wasn't.  She rolled around on her back a couple of times and that was about it today!

Dusty - Dusty is glad to be home.