the dog walker on Tuesday March 9

Hero - I can tell he went for a long walk yesterday... he still seemed tired this morning.  He did pee several times! Brady & Ferguson - The boys got to say hello to two different people today and they were loving it!  They're so funny!  Brady ate quite a bit once we got back in the house.

Louis & Sunny - Sunny is LOVING this weather.  He would just stare up into the sky squinting.... he looked like he was trying to work on his suntan.

Max - Max walked around a good bit today but he didn't really pee very much.  I didn't see any accidents in the house either.

Cleo is relaxing after her walk!

Cleo - As soon as we walked outside, she walked across the street and then just rolled over on her back.  I think she was trying to work on her tan.  She did get up and we walked to the park and back.

Dusty - he trotted around the circle today and then headed straight for the door and his dinner!