the dog walker on Friday March 26th

Frankie and Benjamin relaxing last night Benjamin, Frankie & PJ - We all had a good night.  I was the first one to wake up this morning!  When I got to your house last night I took Benjamin and Frankie for separate walks.  Benjamin was terrorizing PJ so I thought:

1.  PJ would appreciate it if I took Ben out

2.  Ben needed a good, fast paced walk to help burn some energy!

I walked them both this morning too.  When I grabbed Frankie's bowl this morning, I hadn't paid attention to the bags of trash back there from the housekeeper.  Well.... one of the dogs found them because a hole was in one of the bags and paper towels (from inside the trash) were on the floor.  Needless to say, both of the bags are now in the garbage in the garage! After the dog's breakfast, I washed out all of their food and water bowls.  I'll wash out PJ's later today.  2nd & 3rd visits:  Everyone has eaten dinner and they are all doing well!  There have been some rain showers around today but we have gotten lucky on all of our visits.... no rain!

Casper - He was doing just great on both of my visits.  He peed outside 2x each visit and he pooped during my morning visit.  He did something during my morning visit that amazed me.  I got there, we went outside, he peed and pooped.  After we came inside, we played a little bit and towards the end of the visit he went over to the sliding glass doors and stood there.  I walked over there, opened the door for him and he went outside and peed.  Was that a fluke or does he already know that he goes outside to pee?

Brady & Ferguson - the boys walked around the circle today.  They did really well.  They must know Yvonne is coming to see them tomorrow!

Louis laying in one of his favorite spots, the sunshine.  Lola who has actually gotten really big and Sunny is in the background.  Not a great shot but at least all of them are in one picture!

Sunny, Louis & Lola - Everyone was doing just great today.  Louis pooped on the walk but it was pretty soft.  He and Sunny of course peed several times too.  I took Lola out on her leash in the backyard and she pooped out there too!

Steve - Steve got to meet his new next door neighbors.  They LOVED him.  (seriously what is not to love!)  He just sat down and watched for them after they left.  I think he liked them too!

Chester... his mom calls him The Monster.  I just think hes cute :)

Chester - oh... what a lover he is.  He was very patient with me as I fumbled to get the back door open.  He went outside and peed and turned around and came back to the door.  It was raining out but I figured it was his dinner time.  He was a little too enthusiastic to just be going back inside.  I fed him his dinner and his vitamin and then we went back outside.  I wanted to figure out if it was raining too hard to go for a walk (I was fine to go but I wasnt sure he would want to.  He went out, peed again and came back under the overhang again.  I walked out in the rain and called him.... nope he wasnt coming.  So, we went in the house and played with his rope.  As I was leaving, he laid down on the tile, stretched out on his side just begging me to rub on him, so I did.  He is a sweetie!!  Love him!