dog walking and cat sitting on Saturday March 27

Benjamin, Frankie & PJ - We all slept well again last night and they all let me wake up first again today.  As soon as I moved though, Ben was up, ready to go!  I fed them all and took Frankie & Ben for a walk.  2nd visit:  I walked them separately.  Ben was bouncing all around when I was trying to get his leash on him and Frankie was standing there waiting.... so I took Frankie first :)  Ultimately, I think they were both happy! Sweetie wants me to pet her... not take her picture!

Sweetie - She looked like she slept well last night.  I'd straightened out her bed and blanket and the blanket was all squished up this morning like she'd been sleeping on it.  I took her outside, fed her and then let her out again.  2nd visit:  we had a nice walk around the block.  It has started to warm up nicely.  I saw your neighbor I was pulling in too... just waved to her though.

Chester - I think I woke Chester up this morning.  He was stretching as I came in.  I let him out but he stayed on the porch.  I walked outside with him and then he went into the grass and peed.  I fed him breakfast and then we went for a short walk up and down the street.  He pooped while we were out.  2nd visit:  We walked around the park and he pooped AGAIN :)  He is funny.  Both times I've walked him, he hops sideways and backwards right out of the garage b/c he is so excited.

Hero - I hate that it was cold again this morning (my car said 39) because Hero didn't like it.  He did pee several times and he pooped but he was more than ready to get back inside!