the dog walker on Sunday March 28

Benjamin, Frankie & PJ - it was raining when we got up this morning so I just let them out and fed them.  I  stopped back by after my other morning visits and let them out again because it'd stopped raining.  Benjamin found a pen in the office and decided to chew it up.  I found a lot of pieces so I'm hoping he didn't eat any of it.  He seems totally fine but I will keep an eye on him.  PJ came over to me while the dogs were outside and got a nice long rub on his head and ears. Sweetie - It was dark when I got to your house.  Sweetie spent more time than usual in the backyard.  Usually she pees and comes right back to me.  She did pee but then she walked away to where I couldn't see her.  When she came back she squatted just before she walked out of the grass.  I'm not sure if she was peeing or if she might have diarrhea.  Again, I couldn't see her so I really don't know.  Maybe she was just sniffing and then she had to pee again.

Chester - I thought Chester was funny this morning.  I come into the kitchen and he doesn't greet me.  (It is early.)  I flip the light on and walk into the den... he is still curled up on his bed.  I walk over to him and he just rolls over.  So I sat down beside him and pet him.  I think he knew it was Sunday and he gets to sleep in normally.  He got up and went outside and peed (after I went out with him :) )  Then I fed him and then we went for a walk.

Chaos looks ready for a snooze!

Eli looks like she is in trouble but she wasnt.  She was just sitting nicely for the camera!

She is so cute sitting on the ottomon.

Chaos, Peyton and Eli - Everyone was doing well this morning.  The dogs were in the back room with their food and water so that is where I put them when I left.  Yesterday (sorry I forgot to do the post yesterday) they were in the spare bedroom and I put them back in there.