the dog walker on Saturday 3/13

Maisy & Gracie - we had a thunderstorm last night while I was at your house.  Maisy ate a little bit of her dinner but then she decided she preferred being under the kitchen table.  When I got there this morning, she'd eaten all of her food (or Gracie ate it....?)  I'm guessing Maisy ate it though.  She's been excited everytime I feed her.  Both of them ate all of their breakfast this morning, Maisy peed and Gracie peed and pooped.  2nd visit:  We stayed outside in the yard for the entire visit.  Maisy ended up laying down and Gracie did a bunch of sniffing! Hero - Hero got spooked today by a bird and that happened not too long after we left.  He would've come back inside then if I'd let him but we walked a little bit more.

Fillmore - We went for a walk around the block and Fillmore was happy to be out.  We were walking behind another dog and he really wanted to catch up to them.... he was pulling me along.  I had him "sit" (so the other dog would walk far enough in front of us) and that worked great.  Fillmore sat the entire time until I told him it was okay to get up.  He ran around like a crazy dog when we got back to the house too.... he had me laughing!  He pooped on the walk too!  2nd visit:  we went for a walk up and down the street and then I fed Fillmore.  He was definitely eat!